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About My Site

My name is Tussinee and I'm an online adult model. I enjoy making photos and videos for my website. Some people think that Thai porn is demeaning to girls like me, but I find shooting videos and making sexy pictures to be liberating. I'm sure I'm a rare breed, but if I'm in control of my Asian production, then what's the problem? At the end of the day I am very happy. You should be too! I mean, where else can you see a cute 18 year old girl get totally naked for you?

I am from Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand which is about three hours North East of Bangkok and is known as the gateway to Issan. For the last nine years I have lived in downtown Bangkok. I first started my site when I was just 18 years old and the earnings helped me improve my education and paid for me enrollment at Boromarajonani College of Nursing in Bangkok. However, my passion for travel and freedom led me to make a difficult decision which resulted in me withdrawing from school and focusing on my careers as an adult model. I think I'll keep doing this until something or someone comes along in my life and gives me new direction.

Favorite color: Purple

Favorite past time: watching UFC, shopping (of course), listening to music, playing games on my iPhone, camping, kite-surfing, and last but not least...this girl likes to party!

Favorite foods: Thai spicy salad, Sticky rice, Seafood pasta, Steak, & Pizza

Favorite movie: Romantic comedies, Marvel movies, LOTR trilogy, Adam Sandler movies.

Favorite music: Thai alternative music, Acoustic guitar music, Spa music.

Favorite animal: Dogs, Elephants, Exotic species.

Favorite sports: Playing volleyball, studying Muay Thai kick-boxing

Favorite gadgets: My iPhone

Type of man I like: Guys who know how to treat a girl.

Turn Ons: People with open-minds, sports, animals, movies, and raspberries.